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Sports: Los Angeles Ahead of the 2028 Olympic Games

Come July 2028, the Olympics will be hosted in Los Angeles for the third time. L.A. hosted this historic event in 1932 and 1984. Los Angeles currently holds the record as the only city in the United States to have hosted the Olympics three times.

As the world looks forward to the event, let's look at Los Angeles County's preparedness for the 2028 Olympics.

Add "World's Sports Capital" to L.A.'s Accolades!

Having dominated the entertainment and fashion industry, among others, L.A. County is also making its mark in gold in the sports industry.

The Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission (LASEC) plans to turn L.A. County into a sports Mecca, and so far, it is doing a great job. The gains in sports and entertainment have also significantly impacted the regional economy.

The NBA and NHL All-stars games attracted hundreds of thousands of sports enthusiasts and athletes from all over the world; gaving them a reason to spend time in the City of Angels, while supporting local businesses.

In addition to the 2028 Olympics, L.A. County is hosting the Super Bowl LVI, the MLB All-star games, both coming up in 2022, and the FIFA 2026 World Cup. Also, the College Football Playoff National Championship Game is just around the corner, in 2023.

These sports events are necessary to test L.A. County's preparedness for the Olympics, and the county seems to have everything under control.

Is L.A. Prepared for the 2028 Olympics?

The bidding process for hosting the Olympics is a serious game. So far, L.A. has proven that it can host the event (which is why it secured the bid in the first place). You can only expect a consolidation of past successes.

Preparations are well underway for the venues and facilities, hotels, and accommodations for visitors, and of course, marketing and promotion. Lessons learned during the pandemic will see new and adapted strategies across industries, and not just for this major global event.

What Makes Los Angeles Best Choice for the 2028 Olympics?

L.A. is experienced, diverse, and the most creative place to host such a large-scale sports event. When other cities, counties and states would likely have to build from scratch, L.A. has a robust ready-to-go infrastructure.

L.A. County stadia are iconic, and the transport system is evolving at lightning speed. World-class hotels are on standby; big sports brands and sponsors — and of course, a fantastic sports fan base, including celebrities and top media houses. All of which provides for great regional collaborations that propel the economy and have the potential to elevate the voices of underrepresented communities.

Rounding up!

Whether we are talking sports, generally, or the 2028 Olympics, L.A. has all it takes to make this global event a local success.

Share your thoughts with us. We look forward to seeing you here.

Zeemanuel for Brand LA


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