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Five Reasons Los Angeles Is the Creative Capital of the U.S.

Los Angeles is the largest county in the United States with a population of over 10 million. Surrounded by tall and dramatic mountains, the pacific, and stunning deserts, Los Angeles is constantly creating buzz, and there are unending debates about L.A. — mostly hinged on whether the region is the creative capital of the U.S., or if it's just overrated.

Brand LA will present you with facts on the subject. So, buckle up and read along!

One in every six people in L.A. is employed in a creative field, and this includes fashion, acting, creative writing, animation, and other related niches. The creative industry in L.A. has led to an increase in the rate of employment, and the "non-employer" community isn't left out. If you’re wondering what "non-employer" means, it refers to people who generate revenue but don't have employees — think freelancers.

The creative industry has impacted L.A.’s economy as well as that of the entire U.S., positively. According to Otis's 2019 report, the creative and design industry contributed at least $200 billion to the economy with the creation of more than 1 million jobs.

Here are the top 5 reasons L.A. is the Creative Capital of the U.S.

1. L.A. is The Hub of Film and Entertainment

It's almost impossible to talk about the film industry around the world and not mention L.A., being home to popular film houses; including big players like Universal Studios, Paramount pictures, and 20th Century Fox, among others. L.A. is regarded as the center of entertainment. L.A. is where you go to experience first-hand entertainment, and it’s a choice location to aspiring entertainers who wish to make it big in their careers.

2. L.A. is Home to Renowned Fashion Brands

In addition to its impact on entertainment, L.A. is also famous for housing popular designer brands like YSL and Chanel. Los Angeles has celebrities trooping in to get the best dresses and have a taste of the luxury and warm atmosphere. This has led to an increase in the demand for creative talents, and they are readily available in Los Angeles.

3. L.A. is Leading the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace giants like Boeing, SpaceX, Relativity Space and Rocket Lab, among others are making considerable investments in L.A., and Aviation has also been a significant part of L.A.’s growth, creating many opportunities in the industry in Los Angeles.

4. L.A. is a Choice Destination for Technology Investors

According to 2019 reports by CBRE, a commercial real estate firm, Los Angeles has the third-largest pool of tech workers on the West Coast, and the average worker bags $104,000, annually. This is evidence of how much investments L.A. has made in technology.

As of 2019, L.A had 140,000 technical employees, including programmers, I.T. support, and software developers. Some of the key players leading this industry in L.A. include Google, Apple and Netflix. This industry is also driven by creativity - a resource that isn't in short supply in this part of the world.

5. L.A. is Taking over the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry in L.A. is a significant source of revenue that has contributed billions of dollars, annually, to the economy of the United States. Thanks to L.A.'s thriving population of local talents, the region is taking over the gaming industry and attracting huge investments from within the country and internationally.

Today, L.A. is home to gaming giants like Electronic Arts (the producers of FIFA); Activision Blizzard (the producers of Call of Duty); and PlayStation, among other game powerhouses.

You, our dear Brand LA reader, will agree that these sectors are driven by creativity and have contributed a great deal to the U.S. revenue.

For more insights on why Los Angeles is regarded as the creative capital of the United States, you can get in touch with us at Brand LA. We also look forward to your contributions.

Zeemanuel for Brand LA


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