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Los Angeles: Neighborhoods and People

Whether you just hit a new gig in L.A. County or you’re looking for somewhere to lay back and enjoy astonishing scenery and diverse cultures, L.A. checks all these boxes and lots more. With over eighty amazing cities to explore and savor, elegant buildings, bubbling neighborhoods and (pre-pandemic) lively nightlife, there has never been a dull moment in Los Angeles County.

Our job at Brand LA is also to fill you in on the happenings around our charming Los Angeles, and we thought you should know about our neighborhoods and people. Feeling excited? Same here too, so let’s get on with it already!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear the name Los Angeles? Is it entertainment, sports, fashion, or technology? L.A. is all of these and more. So, we understand why you’d have a tough time attributing Los Angeles County to one trait.

How about the neighborhoods, have you given that some thought, too?

There is more to Los Angeles than Hollywood and Beverly Hills. There’s also outdoor recreation, superb dining, fascinating cultures, and of course, unique neighborhoods.

How about we tell you a thing about Los Angeles County neighborhoods and then move on to our warm and receptive people. To begin with, Los Angeles county has over 400 neighborhoods, and each has something unique to offer.

No wonder a good number of people have decided to make L.A. home after a couple of visits — and we can’t blame them because L.A. County can do that to almost anybody.

Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Interestingly, every neighborhood in Los Angeles County is beautiful and has something distinct — it could be the weather, lifestyle, or cuisine. Oh, L.A. has a variety of mouth-watering cuisines. You can take that to the bank!

Telling which neighborhood is best depends on your personal experience, and it’s your taste that determines the answer. However, yours faithfully, Brand LA, has bits of information about some neighborhoods in L.A. to share with you.

Los Feliz

Famous for its eklektikos (Greek for eclectic) cafes, diners, shops, and the colorful Thai Town, this neighborhood doesn’t have to do much to reel you in. A walk around its streets will reveal the Old glamour movie theater and other fascinating sites, including its old homes. Los Feliz is no doubt a diner’s paradise and you won’t want to miss it for anything.

West Hollywood

If you are looking to settle in a suburban and quiet neighborhood, then we are sorry to burst your bubble because West Hollywood isn’t for you. This neighborhood is known for its lively nightlife and fascinating landmarks that attract people from all over the world.

You will be amused by the famous L.A. Sunset Strip and the historic Chateau Marmont. Other landmarks in this neighborhood (which are within walking distance) are the Capitol Records and the Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Other neighborhoods you should see are Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Downtown L.A. (DTLA), Beverly Hills, and other astonishing neighborhoods — remember, there are over 400 of them. So, you have variety, and you know what they say about variety.

Now, The People!

Los Angeles County is often regarded as “the cultural hub of the pacific rim,” because of our multiethnic population. You get to experience a blend of rich cultures without leaving the shores of the United States. Los Angeles County is home to people from at least 140 countries speaking different languages. Here is a breakdown based on the U.S. Census Bureau on American Community Survey in 2018. L.A. had a population of 48.6% Latinos or Hispanics, 26.1% white (non-Hispanic), 15.4 Asian, 9.0 African-Americans, 1.4 American Indians, and others. We’ll publish 2020 data, when everyone’s counted this year.

Los Angeles County is diverse in terms of its population and the experience. When you can, why not make out time to explore L.A., and let Brand LA in on what you think?

Zeemanuel for Brand LA


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