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Why Los Angeles is the Best Place for International Trade

Los Angeles County has always been an incubator of new ideas. Its buoyant economy and a teeming pool of creative talents have made this dynamic county a choice destination for international investors.

Talking about investments, Los Angeles County is a thriving ground for international trade. Its capabilities cut across virtually all facets of endeavors; including business, education, technology, and entertainment, and its multicultural tolerance makes the environment conducive for businesses to flourish.

Here is what Forbes has to say about Los Angeles in one of its publications in 2019.

Forbes describes Los Angeles County as "The world center of business" and "The creative capital of the world." That's huge, coming from Forbes.

However, there is more to L.A. County that makes it iconic and standout as the best place for international trade. Let's look at the top reasons Los Angeles is dubbed as the best place for international trade.

1. Unrivaled Sea Ports

With millions of twenty-foot containers coming through Los Angeles County's twin ports every year, L.A. County's ports stand tall among the busiest in the world. The ports’ facilities are well equipped, and they can take the biggest containers in the world without breaking a sweat. Over the years, L.A. County has invested in dredging its canals, advanced robotics, and other state-of-the-art container-moving systems. These and many more ongoing efforts at the ports make it easy to get goods in and out of the county, stress-free.

2. High Capacity Rail Networks

With its booming ports setting the pace for other parts of the world to follow, L.A. County has also invested a lot in ensuring smooth rail transportation to complement its ports and other transport systems. L.A. County's technology-driven rail network guarantees swift transcontinental rail transportation. Thanks to its multimodal transport system, businesses also enjoy an efficient cross-country delivery of goods.

3. International Business Travels and Air Freights

Getting to business locations in time and getting products from one point to another without stress is a significant factor in international trade. While the L.A. County harbor handles high-volume consignments, the L.A. international airport (LAX) ensures that high-value products get to their destination in one piece and in record time.

Ranked 5th position in the U.S. and 14th in the world in air cargo tonnage processed, the air freight sector in this region is nothing short of superb.

With over 900 weekly non-stop business travels and 43 international carriers on its air freight lines, high-value goods (including perishables, electronics medical supplies), high-volume products, and business travelers won't lose a second on their trips.

4. Foreign Direct Investments

Another reason why L.A. County is the best place for international trade is the increasing numbers of foreign investments. There are many Asian and European investors, among others, bringing both money and resources in the bevy of industries that are thriving in L.A. County. You can effortlessly trace at least 4000 businesses in L.A. County to foreign investors or affiliates. Other attractions for international trades in L.A. County is its strength in logistics, warehousing & distribution, and its impeccable infrastructure.

Of course, these are just a tip of the iceberg, and you can always get more information from Brand LA. Hopefully, all we have shared in this article gives you insights on why L.A. County is the best place for international trade. Stay glued to Brand LA for more. Cheers!

Zeemanuel for Brand LA


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