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Brand LA Receives MasterClass Social Impact Grant to Support Underserved Communities

MasterClass and Brand LA have come together to offer no-cost Annual Memberships to the entire MasterClass platform for one year (a $180 value).

The streaming platform where anyone, anywhere, can learn from the world’s best, has awarded Brand LA a social impact grant, through the MasterClass Grants program, to support individual learning in low-income and underserved communities across Los Angeles County. MasterClass has already given over 300,000 memberships to charitable organizations that serve communities in need, and their gift keeps on giving.

The platform offers unprecedented access to 150+ instructors and classes across a wide variety of fields. Individuals can use their mobile, desktop, or smart TV to access online classes taught by the best in arts & entertainment, writing, business, food, home & lifestyle, music, sports & gaming, and more.

"Despite the digital divide challenges in L.A. County, individuals in our communities want and need to learn new skills. Through our community partnerships, we'll share the MasterClass free annual memberships with many people, who, until now, couldn't enjoy the benefits of the streaming platform." Ivy Arias, our founder & CMO.

A key component in Brand LA's strategy is to make learning opportunities more accessible to members of L.A.'s low-income areas and underrepresented communities. To achieve this goal, the nonprofit fosters partnerships with CBOs, educational institutions, tech and innovation ecosystems, and leading platforms such as MasterClass.

Brand LA will launch an awareness campaign focusing on access to learning tools and opportunities, affordable resources, and no-cost educational offerings like the UCLAxOpen initiative, which supports continuing education.

The campaign will also include stories about the recipients of the MasterClass grant; their interests and journey, and how having access to the platform can change their lives.

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