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Brand LA Partners with Artificial Intelligence L.A. to Ramp Up Strategic Outreach

Brand LA has partnered with one of the most active professional communities in our region, Artificial Intelligence L.A. (AI LA). The collaboration will focus on strategic and tactical Marketing to support, enhance and promote AI LA's programs, initiatives, and events.

Artificial Intelligence L.A. supports the research, development, ethical application, and public education of artificial intelligence and frontier technologies through media, events, and workforce development in the greater Los Angeles region.

"As an independent nonprofit, AI LA has to rely on the multiplying power of partnerships to enhance its programs' outcomes. We are excited to have partnered with a regional organization like Brand LA that can provide us with the Marketing expertise and reach necessary to be a signal through the noise," said Todd Terrazas, AI LA's Founder and Executive Director.

One of AI LA's workforce development program, IDEAS (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship in STEAM), focuses on a skills-first approach to provide new opportunities for underrepresented talent. IDEAS recently awarded 10 AI Product Management scholarships, in partnership with Wiase Research Institute (Wiase)—a BIPOC led AI research firm delivering solutions for AI Localism, AI Governance, and AI Adoption. The organizations aim to graduate 100 fellows by March 2023.

"Part of our mission is to increase meaningful, regional collaborations. We've seen the great work Artificial Intelligence L.A. is doing in a growing industry that will require their dedication and approach to implement ethical standards in our region and beyond. Being part of their ecosystem, from the Marketing and communications angle, allows us to be even more intentional with our goals," said Ivy Arias, our founder and CMO.

Brand LA's nonprofit offering will facilitate know-how and resources to amplify AI LA 's reach, through strategic consulting and campaigns. Organizations like AI LA, which understand the need to make an impact and increase representation, provide for an ideal collaboration framework—aligned with one of Brand LA's top priorities.

These Marketing programs are designed to support CBOs, partner executives and cross-functional teams. Extending creative, educational and networking opportunities to professional communities in our region, and especially, to reach underserved areas and underrepresented professionals is one of the key reasons Brand LA exists.

To that end, the nonprofit recently launched its DEI program, which aims to create an open network that can rely on Brand LA for Marketing expertise and resources.

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