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Brand LA Goes Zero Emission with its Foreign Direct Investment Program in LA County

Brand LA's Nonprofit Offering has taken off with international, climate-friendly manufacturers that are investing in our region's green economy.

The 2021 Select LA Investment Summit highlighted LA County's FDI opportunities. Local and foreign companies attended the annual event to connect with elected officials, make deals and learn more about the state's and the county's procurement ecosystems.

Many delegations were vocal about the need to explore strategic and tactical Marketing partnerships to help them navigate SoCal's business and consumer opportunities for market expansion in this region of the United States.

Brand LA is uniquely positioned to support national and foreign companies in Los Angeles with a bespoke Marketing offering that is aligned with the businesses' global strategies. The organization's FDI Nonprofit Offering, one of Brand LA's Marketing programs, informs, educates and supports business leaders and their teams — facilitating decision-making best practices to mitigate risks and maximize Marketing dollars.

Brand LA's 360 approach is designed to tackle challenges that are endemic to Los Angeles. The county's sociocultural melting pot provides national and foreign companies with a glocal landscape that feeds the region's economic development and allows for local CBOs to implement more programs that can further develop LA's underserved communities.

The Marketing collaborations have been well received by foreign companies in the mobility, lifestyle and consumer goods industries. These teams value the importance of multicultural and multilingual strategies to effectively market and advertise their products and services.

The most recent FDI Nonprofit Offering partnership is seeing Delfast Inc grasp the essence of LA's business and consumer behavior landscapes, through strategic consulting sessions provided by Brand LA's team and professional network.

Brand LA also creates and facilitates networking opportunities between businesses and local service providers, proving that regional Marketing support and know-how can also elevate international leadership. Above all, when presenting LA as a hub for collaborative efforts to potential investors in the people of Los Angeles.

"We are proud to support companies that create climate-friendly products and services. In Los Angeles and in California, we're known for solid efforts to sustain the green economy. Foreign companies that can also help our region's growth from this important angle can count on Brand LA's Marketing expertise," said Ivy Arias, founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Brand LA has also embraced LA-centric organizations. Among them, the International Business Accelerator (IBA), which offers collaborative opportunities for regional growth.

As a Marketing Partner of CoMotion LA Brand LA is proud to support an event that convenes innovative leaders of The Mobility Revolution. These interactions shape LA's transportation and mobility infrastructure, along with that of other major cities around the globe.

Business attraction is a priority to create sustainable economic development in LA County — as the World Trade Center Los Angeles emphasized during its most recent Investment Summit. Brand LA believes that it's critical to have national and foreign companies benefit from the bespoke Marketing programs and accessible expertise they need to succeed in one of the world’s most competitive business arenas.

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