Brand LA Programs

Brand LA supports local businesses, foreign companies, government agencies, education partners, and CBOs with strategic and tactical Marketing. Our nonprofit also creates and helps promote social-impact campaigns for the benefit of underrepresented, and often marginalized, communities. Our programs are designed to contribute to our region's economic recovery and growth and to facilitate effective communications across sectors. 



Brand LA also facilitates Marketing and Communications workforce retraining opportunities for LA County residents, who wish to learn or refresh their skills, in partnership with world-class professionals and local CBOs.


Our goal is to help elevate digital literacy and transferrable skills that resonate with our region's industry development focus. Above all, to educate and better inform people from LA's underrepresented communities. 


Brand LA also develops and supports 360 communications campaigns to propel the region's goals, in partnership with local, national, and international organizations, businesses, and institutions.


We provide communications solutions to the people and organizations making efforts to train and grow our region's workforce — all in the frame of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable collaborations.