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DEI & Civic Engagement 

Brand LA's DEI & Civic Engagement Program is designed to support entrepreneurs, business leaders, small businesses, and micro-enterprises from traditionally marginalized and/or underserved communities. Our nonprofit agency also helps community-based organizations in Los Angeles County, which focus on creating more equitable, inclusive, and diverse business and socio-cultural ecosystems in our region. 

How Brand LA Helps You

  • Access to knowledge and resources that can propel your business. 

  • Opportunities for industry-aligned networking and partnerships.

  • Tactical and technical know-how to support decision-making.

  • Strategies for cost-effective Marketing budget allocation. 

  • Strategies to work smarter with ROI-oriented Marketing KPIs. 

  • Recommendations for equitable workforce development. 

  • Referrals to community partners to help your business succeed.

  • Being your trusted Marketing Communications partner. 

If you're starting or growing a small business or company in Los Angeles County, Brand LA can support you with no-cost strategic and tactical Marketing consulting. Please contact us today!

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