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Brand LA Helps Canada's Trade Commissioner Service Launch Its First Black Tech Accelerator

The Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is set to launch its first Black tech accelerator; a high-intensity program to support Canadian Entrepreneurs, Black-owned and Black-led start-up companies with significant growth potential interested in opportunities in the Southern California market.

The SoCal BlackTech Express will start on January 24th, 2022, with the participation of U.S. established Black founders and executives, who are supporting the innovation, tech and DEI efforts in collaborative virtual sessions running in Q1 this calendar year.

TCS has selected Brand LA as its program’s Marketing partner to brand and market the initiative, while showcasing its impact on the regional tech ecosystem, equity and inclusion. The nonprofit agency is recognized as a leading force, propelling programs that focus on elevating the skills and voices of underrepresented communities in Los Angeles County and beyond; creating scalable educational opportunities for our diverse communities, in partnership with governments and organizations in the private and public sectors.

Brand LA is working alongside The Daraja Collective, an innovative organization connecting engineering and entrepreneurship to create opportunities and thriving ecosystems where technical and social innovation will have the most significant impact.

"The Daraja Collective is excited to partner with the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles and Brand LA for the inaugural SoCal BlackTech Express accelerator. We see it as a privilege to create programming and facilitate opportunities that increase the ability for entrepreneurs to thrive in transforming their business ideas into sustainably launched enterprises. We are looking forward to unlocking the revolutionary impact these founders can have by expanding the reach of their products and services to the United States," said Stacyann P. Russell, Founder and CEO.

Brand LA's bespoke Marketing programs allow collaborations and partnerships that can act as a catalyst in the process of bringing meaningful initiatives to various communities, without partner organizations having to struggle to deliver timely Marketing KPIs. The agency's strategic and tactical support offers a new approach, from which Marketing efforts can be seen in a more intentional and conscientious way, when serving our communities.

"Brand LA values the opportunity to be able to support this groundbreaking initiative by the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles, and we're looking forward to being of service in meaningful ways that can truly make an impact. We praise The Daraja Collective's mission and are thrilled to be working alongside such a knowledgeable and proactive team," said Ivy Arias, our founder and CMO.

The SoCal BlackTech Express program's first cohort will benefit from access to industry partners and investors in SoCal; strategic and targeted mentorship and advisory services— based on each company’s needs and aimed at counterbalancing discrimination against Black-led companies—as well, access to relevant regional events; learning and coaching sessions, and visibility in the Southern California region.

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