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NBSO Los Angeles Partners with Brand LA to Support Dutch Entrepreneurs in LA and Beyond

LOS ANGELES, CA—June 27, 2023. The Netherland Business Support Office (NBSO) Los Angeles partnered with Brand LA to support Dutch entrepreneurs who are exploring international expansion and business opportunities in our region.

NBSO LA is the official business representation for the Netherlands in LA and an integral part of the Dutch Economic Network in the USA. Together with their colleagues at the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco (CGSF) they ensure that Dutch entrepreneurs from various sectors get the best support and representation possible.

The partnership with Brand LA perfectly aligns with the ambitions of the NBSO LA and highlights the importance of mutually beneficial collaborations. This effort seeks to bridge and elevate the exchange of meaningful innovation, knowledge, resources, talents between The Netherlands and Los Angeles County.

NBSO LA offers Dutch entrepreneurs a wide variety of general, specific and tailored services, which are free of charge and exclusively available for Dutch registered companies. Its main objective is to support Dutch entrepreneurs to successfully expand and establish their business in the Greater Los Angeles area.

“A match made in heaven! Brand LA perfectly complements and empowers the purpose and work of the NBSO LA in providing Dutch entrepreneurs unconditional expert support in their promotion, marketing and strategic business endeavors,” said Peter Post, Director of NBSO Los Angeles.

As part of the partnership, Brand LA provides NL founders and business leaders with geo-savvy, tactical marketing communication solutions and strategic knowledge. This service is not only tailored to NL entrepreneurs, but also reflects LA’s economic development goals.

“Dutch entrepreneurs bring creativity, innovation, and new opportunities to our region. Our nonprofit agency takes enormous pride in the foundation of this strategic partnership,” added Ivy Arias, Brand LA’s Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Los Angeles is known for its collaborative yet highly competitive business ecosystem. Through this cooperation, Dutch companies can benefit from programs and initiatives that support business interests as well as community integration.

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