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Homeboy Industries and Brand LA's Partnership Puts Marketing Literacy within Community Reach

Brand LA’s Community Marketing Program is welcoming more trainees from Homeboy Industries. The 2023 cohort enrolled in masterclasses as part of the nonprofits’ first pilot project of its kind in Los Angeles.

The training covers the fundamentals of Marketing, understanding how the industry works, data about in-demand jobs, skills, recruitment, and what potential employers are looking for in our region and nationwide. As well as practical knowledge about digital Marketing platforms and how to use them. Most importantly, how to leverage Marketing skills to build and maintain a professional image that can help trainees thrive, and in some cases, turn their life around. Brand LA has also offered Homeboy Industries direct support with the amplification of events and social impact campaigns, as part of its nonprofit offering for community-based organizations.

"We are so happy to be partnering with Brand LA. Our trainees are really motivated and are learning so much. We are very excited about all of the possibilities this brings for both our organizations. Marketing is such a needed skill in today’s society. Homeboy Industries is looking forward to building more pathways for success," said Yalonda Wade, Career Pathway Manager, Programs & Partnerships at Homeboy Industries.

The partnership between Brand LA and Homeboy Industries will tap into both organizations' business networks supporters. The goal is to find job placements for trainees that have demonstrated the necessary abilities and possess the skills to pursue short- and long-term career goals, and help them land good jobs in a highly competitive arena.

Brand LA is a remote-first and the only Marketing nonprofit in the nation. The org also collaborates with education partners, supports small businesses, and partners with foreign governments for diversity and inclusion projects that support foreign direct investment in Los Angeles, and U.S. global competitiveness. Its transformational model has allowed many institutions and companies to tap into much-needed resources that drive operational efficiency for Marketing infrastructure, and creates strategies to increase diversity in leadership.

The prevailing need for Marketing know-how and resources, which is mostly offered through services in the private sector, allows Brand LA to create strategic partnerships and provide a new collaborative framework within the public sector by offering more practical ways for more CBOs to access support and individuals to gain useful, transferrable skills.

"We are so proud to be supporting Homeboy Industries. The organization's mission is changing lives for the better. In order to create an equitable and inclusive economy, we must give everyone a fair chance to elevate digital and Marketing literacy, through adequate and accessible training, which can expand knowledge and skill sets that help people find jobs that are increasingly in demand in an ever-growing digital world," said Ivy Arias, Brand LA's founder and chief Marketing officer.

Homeboy Industries sees over 10,000 former gang members from across Los Angeles come through their doors to make a positive life change. The organization welcomes them into a community of mutual kinship, love, and a wide variety of services, which help individuals redirect their lives and become contributing members of our community. Today, the Homeboy Industries blueprint expands to over 250 organizations and social enterprises around the world, which are committed to impacting the lives of those who embrace positive change. This partnership provides a unique opportunity to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated individuals to gain Marketing knowledge and practical skills that can put them on the path to internships, advanced education, and job opportunities.

Brand LA’s program receives the support of volunteer and dedicated professionals that champion the nonprofit's mission: increase Marketing literacy, effective communication, and regional collaborations to help underrepresented communities, educate, and support economic growth.

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