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Brand LA and ALGS Team Up to Bolster DEI Efforts with New Partnership

Arthur L. Garnes Society (ALGS)—the nonprofit organization fostering mentorship, collaboration, and fellowship among Black, African-American, and other underrepresented in medicine, in plastic and reconstructive surgery—has partnered with Brand LA.

The NPO examines research on race disparities in the field to facilitate knowledge and resources to its members, those who strive to join the industry's ranks, a network of plastic surgeons, and other professionals in Healthcare and Medtech.

Through this partnership, Brand LA is supporting ALGS with 360 audits, brand development, integrated Marketing communications, content creation, and strategy to promote programs, initiatives, and events that are aligned with the org.'s mandate.

"We're excited about this game-changing partnership with Brand LA. It makes sense for our nonprofit organization to work with a Branding and Marketing Communications agency that is aligned with our mission and goals. We're looking forward to the meaningful work ahead," said Derek Banyard, Executive Director of the Arthur L. Garnes Society.

According to a study referenced by ALGS, African-American patients' attitudes and perceptions based on race, ethnicity, gender and income brackets have a profound impact on provider selection. These findings and similar studies inform the industry about the need for a more diverse pool of plastic surgeons to address patients' preferences and needs.

"This is a unique opportunity to expand our knowledge on industry-specific DEI initiatives. Brand LA is committed to helping CBOs that make great efforts to shorten disparity gaps, in the business ecosystem and in our communities," Ivy Arias, founder & CMO, told our team.

Having an effective Marketing infrastructure is key, especially, for smaller organizations that depend on philanthropic funding to operate and share their offering with students, young and seasoned professionals, such as the Arthur L. Garnes Society.

Brand LA provides a much-needed set of skills, ample knowledge, and valuable resources, while fundraising to create more programs and initiatives that support underrepresented communities, DEI goals and regional economic development.

These collaborations offer businesses, foreign companies—especially startups—educational institutions, and CBOs an opportunity to elevate their presence, set and accomplish strategic goals, and contribute to local, national, and international social impact.

The partnership with ALGS comes at a time when Brand LA is doubling down on actions to increase diversity in Medtech. It's no surprise that many organizations now have dedicated programs that are creating more opportunities for Black and Hispanic leaders in business and in industries like Healthcare, which demand a more patient-centric approach to deliver equitable services that represent our diverse communities at large.

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