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Los Angeles Government Health Programs

Health, they say, is wealth, and the Los Angeles County government is not taking the health of its residents for granted. There is so much at stake; Los Angeles has a booming economy, and it depends on its workforce to keep the ship afloat.

What would happen if the healthcare system in L.A. County was left unattended? It could bring the entire region to its knees. Businesses would grind to a halt, and investors would take their money somewhere else — and that isn't good news for us.

Los Angeles County Health System

The Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS or LADHS) is the second-largest municipal health system in the United States. That gives you an idea of what the healthcare system looks like in Los Angeles County. As you can imagine, LADHS caters to public hospitals and clinics in L.A. County and it has been on a hot streak since its creation in 1972.

Out of all states, California has received the highest amount of funding at just over $231 B.

Let's take a look at some government health programs in Los Angeles county.

Los Angeles County, through the Department of Health Services (DHS), operates an extensive network of healthcare centers, which includes teaching and research hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, outpatients' hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and local clinics spread across the county.

With such a unique healthcare system, L.A. county offers access to world-class healthcare and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities with veteran staff at their disposal.

Government Health Programs in Los Angeles

The L.A. County government has also rolled out applauded health programs designed to complement existing healthcare services. Chief among its health programs is My Health LA.

What is My Health LA?

Also known as MHLA, the My Health LA healthcare program is intended to cater to low-income Angelenos. Since it was launched six (6) years ago in 2014, over 700,000 Los Angeles county residents (mostly undocumented immigrants) who are ineligible for Medical care have benefited tremendously from this program.

MHLA provides primary healthcare to those who enrolled through a robust network of community clinics. So far, this program has made a positive impact, and it is in partnership with over 200 communities and has over 140,000 beneficiaries in its database.

Another government health program in Los Angeles is the Community Partner Program. The community partner program is also targeted at low-income residents in Los Angeles county.

Through collaboration with the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, private healthcare providers, and community-based providers, the government has utilized this initiative to deliver quality healthcare services to L.A. County residents.

Also, this program provides access to specialty care services, dental and primary care. However, it's best to determine if you are eligible for any other funded healthcare services before checking in.

Housing for Health

Housing for health is an applauded health program that targets Los Angeles residents who are disabled and chronically homeless. Chronically homeless patients under the Housing for Health program refers to patients with disability (or disabilities) and have been without shelter for over a year. This program is funded by the Los Angeles County Homeless Prevention Initiative and has reduced emergency room visits.

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Learn more about L.A. government health programs here.

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