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Image of LA residents.

Our Why

Brand LA supports CBOs, small businesses, micro-enterprises, local and foreign companies with strategic and tactical Marketing by sharing knowledge and resources. We also help promote social-impact campaigns for the benefit of LA's diverse communities. 


Born in the midst of a global pandemic to inspire resilience, our mission is to empower Los Angeles by fostering collaboration for collective growth. We're vocal about racial justice and equity for our diverse communities. Our goals are influenced by the need to bring together leaders in government, business, and education to strengthen LA County and create a future we can all truly visualize. We focus on programs that benefit our region's human capital and showcase the essence of L.A.'s local and global identity. 

Who We Are

We're a diverse team of dedicated and committed creative professionals embracing the challenges of unprecedented times to implement marketing communications strategies for social good. We're fortunate enough to count on decades of professional experience to help us inform, educate and facilitate strategic networking, and important conversations that yield meaningful actions. We share a common interest, Los Angeles, and we're very passionate about what we do.

Brand LA's Blog

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